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10/30/2011 - 2:31pm
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08/11/2011 - 3:17pm

By Bianca Strzalkowski, Military Spouse Magazine’s 2011 Military Spouse of the Year

I wasn’t me; I didn’t look like me, I didn’t sound like me, I certainly didn’t smile like me. For close to a year I wasn’t alive, I just existed. The irony is that I had no idea of what was wrong with me, in fact I had no idea that anything was wrong with me until after time had passed. Today, I am determined to find those women, enduring what I had so they know they are not down and out for good. 

Being a military wife for 10 year

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03/29/2011 - 10:08am

Although Sir Francis Bacon penned that line over 400 years ago, it couldn't be more relevant today. Whether we're talking about education for our children that leads to jobs in our state, or life-long learning that leads to a more enriching life, gaining knowledge is the power that keeps us growing.

That's why the theme for the 2011 NC Governor's Conference for Women is Power Up, Power On! On November 2 in Charlotte, we will find ways to inform, inspire and educate each other—and then take our learnings back to our communities.

North Carolina stands in a place

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