We're Going Green

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We firmly believe in making smart decisions to create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly event. And, we are committed to a conference that is one day becomes a totally “zero waste” event. Our planning adheres to greening policies as an effort to reach our goal.

2011 Initiatives Included:

Print Materials

Print Processes: Eco-friendly printing guidelines were adhered to including use of vegetable-based inks, 30% Post Consumer Waste paper and Forest Stewardship Certified paper, shipping considerations, and any sustainable practices within the printing company.

Speaker Practices: We discouraged paper-driven handouts during breakout sessions.

Sustainable Products

Registration Bags: The bags were chosen because they were made of 100% post consumer recycled bottles and containers.

Credentials: The credentials were printed on recycled paper using sustainable and environmentally-friendly techniques.

Lanyards: Recycling stations were set up outside of the ballroom for lanyards to be deposited following the event.

Facility Planning

In partnership with the Charlotte Convention Center, environmentally-friendly initiatives were implemented.

Recycling Centers: Recycling stations were set up throughout the facility for glass, metal, paper, cardboard, and plastic.

Beverage Dissemination: During breaks, and when appropriate, the conference offered non-bottled refreshments to reduce waste and potential for non-recycling.

Cups: The convention center used corn cups that decompose in as little as 60 days. Designated stations were set up for disposal.

Food: Any food not served was donated to local shelters.

Carpeting: The choice was made not to carpet the majority of the expo area because carpet is one of the largest waste producers at an event, given it may not be used again and is typically made of petroleum- based materials.


Any vendor for the conference is examined as to their environmental and sustainable business practices. While this is not the final determining factor in vendor selection, this process begins the conversation on partnerships to create a greener event.

These efforts were just the beginning but a major step in creating a more sustainable event.