Here’s what you had to say about the 2010 Conference

"I am so proud to be a woman!"

"There are so many women with untapped power and potential.  Take time to notice them and tell them how amazing they are – and encourage them to tap that power without apology or regret."

"The conference gave great interaction between women of various walks in life, yet with similar stories and experiences.  Can’t wait until next year. "

"I have been deeply moved by this conference – Great Job

"Through a hard transition in personal life, I felt for the first time proud of all the power and quality I have inside that I never seen.  Love, passion is realized to a driven strength toward accomplishment.  Thank you!"

"Thank you for focusing on Green sustainability!  Thank you for including me in this wonderful, powerful, and important event!"

"Inspired by all the beautiful amazing women in my presence today.  Inspired to act now to create a better future."

"The production was absolutely outstanding!  Everything from the ease and quality of A/V at the conference to the set design!  This entire production was so impressive!  Please continue the scholarship opportunity!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here today – Thanks to the scholarship!"

"Awards program was wonderful – Humbling – What incredible women!"